Brainwaves can help improve
accuracy in adhd diagnosis

How does neba work?

What is NEBA?

NEBA is the first biological test cleared by the FDA to help clinicians evaluate ADHD. The FDA says this new test may help clinicians reach greater certainty. Clinicians perform NEBA in their office in about 15 – 20 minutes.


  • how NEBA helps - Scott
    how NEBA helps - Scott
    Scott talks about how NEBA played a part in helping his 12 year old daughter turn her academics around and boost her self-esteem.
  • how NEBA helps - Gina
    how NEBA helps - Gina
    Gina talks about how her 10 year old daughter has anxiety and ADHD symptoms and how NEBA helped the clinician craft a treatment plan.
  • how NEBA helps - Margret
    how NEBA helps - Margret
    Margret talks about how with one son already on ADHD meds, NEBA and the clinician's workup factored in their family's decision to start an ADHD treatment plan for their 7 year old son.
  • how NEBA works
    how NEBA works
    In regular evaluations, clinicians identify ADHD symptoms using interviews, questionnaires, and rating scales. After a NEBA clinician identifies ADHD symptoms, they add an extra step. They use NEBA. Your clinician uses the report to help answer the question: Is it ADHD, or something else?

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The NEBA System along with other clinical information may help health care providers more accurately determine if ADHD is the cause of a behavioral problem.

- FDA, Center for Device and Radiological Health -